Depending on their interests and desires, the following activities are available:

  • Swimming sailing and surfing courses at the Yacht Club.
  • Diving center.
  • Those interested in the property market can get information by visiting the site , tel: 0030.6977471493
  • Special Greek handmade jewelry and objects at the store Kavalieros (Καβαλιέρος) in Plaka.
  • Two art galleries in Plaka.
  • Sunset in Plaka.
  • Archaeological and Folklore museum in Plaka.
  • Catacombs and ancient theater in Tripiti.
  • Mining, Ecclesiastical and Maritime Museum in Adamas.
  • Sailing trips or trips with an inflatable boat.
  • Full tour of the island by sea.
  • Daily excursion to Kimolos by ferry boat from Pollonia.
  • Sea kayak.
  • Horse riding.
  • Hiking organized by the association “Friends of the mountain and the sea”. Sports either in the stadium or in the gym.
  • Cooking Classes of Milos style. Greek language courses.
  • Painting classes.
  • Theatrical performances.
  • Photography exhibition.
  • Festival.

Milos products, such as cheese, cream cheese, myzithra cheese, touloumotyri cheese, waterless tomatoes, tomato paste from anhydrous tomatoes, grapes, wine, capers, olive oil, figs, prickly pears, pitarakia (stuffed with spicy dry cheese or cream cheese with mint), tomato, goat, water melon pie, sweet candy.


Local Festivals:

  • 30/6   Ag. Anargyri

  • 6/7    Ag. Kyriaki

  • 16/7  Ag. Marina ,Chalakas

  • 19/7  Prophet Helias, Chalakas & Komia

  • 21/7  Ag. Markela, Kipos

  • 25/7  Ag. Paraskevi, Pollonia

  • 26/7  Ag. Pantelaeimon, Plakota & Korfos

  • 1/8   Ag. Stefanos, Katsaronas

  • 5/8   Metamorphosis, Parasporos

  • 14/8 Kimisi Theotokou, Zefyria

  • 15/8 Kimisi Theotokou, Adamas

  • 17/8 Ag. Floros, Komia

  • 22/8  Panagia Giatressa, Komia,   Panagia Kipou & Panagia Faneromeni, Kipos

  • 23/8  Fyropotamos

  • 26/8  Ag. Fanourios, Pollonia

  • 28/8 Ag. Ioannis Prodromos, Agrilies

  • 31/8   the summer bonfire, throughout the island, the biggest at Trypiti.

  • 6/9  Ag. Sostis, Provatas

  • 7/9  Panagia Eleoussa, Psathadika

  • 8/9  Panagia Korfiatissa, Plaka13/9  Stavros, Kaneria

  • 16/9  Ag. Sofia, Chalakas

  • 25/9  Ag. Yannis Siderianos, Chalakas

For a pleasant stay in Milos and in Kavalieros studios

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